unlock your potential


unlock your potential

Host a Workshop

If you have identified an area for growth within your organization related to mental health, wellbeing, or performance, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Workshops can be a great way to introduce practical knowledge and actionable skills for meaningful change.

Past trainings addressing a variety of topics have been conducted for groups of elite performers, youth athletes, military leaders, active and veteran service members, national governing bodies of sports, nonprofit managers, university students, educators, and more.

All workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the group, including the duration, delivery method, and specific topics discussed. Contact me to get the conversation started!

Trauma Education

Start building a trauma-informed organization, team, or school by expanding your understanding of trauma and learning how to cultivate an environment that facilitates healing.

Mindfulness Training

Empower members of your team to minimize the effects of stress, burnout, and emotional reactivity by responding to life’s challenges and successes in alignment with their values and goals.

Performance Optimization

Leverage mental skills to build confidence, achieve consistency, and maximize performance and enjoyment in sport, work, and life.

Lifestyle Change

Equip your group with a functional approach to goal setting and habit formation to establish and maintain value-based changes that support health, performance, and wellbeing.

Leader Development

Enhance the effectiveness of leaders and coaches through continuing education focused on evidence-based approaches to learning, cognition, feedback, conflict resolution, and self-regulation.

Communication Strategies

Amplify the performance and productivity of groups and teams through effective verbal and nonverbal communication strategies.

Mindfulness Kickstart

When we can learn to perceive our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with curiosity and interpret them as a continuous “Twitter feed” of information, rather than definitive facts, we are better equipped to respond to life’s challenges and successes in alignment with our values.

Each 90-minute session teaches you the introductory skills needed to increase mindful awareness and develop a sustainable home practice.

6 weeks

Habit Refresh

We may be creatures of habit, but we also have the power to design them to work in our favor. If you’re tired of starting over, this skills group is a great first step toward making meaningful changes that last.

Each 2-hour session pairs the science of behavior change with practical steps to reframe your habits, structure your environment, and shift your beliefs in a way that allows you to keep making progress toward your goals.

5 weeks

Mindful Momentum

If you find that you get stuck replaying the past or obsessing over the future, or it feels like you get hijacked by your emotions in certain situations, this course teaches you the skills to get back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Each 2-hour session discusses an approach to thought, body, and emotion awareness that leads to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, increased tolerance for discomfort, and a greater appreciation for the present moment.

8 weeks

Skills Groups

Learning new skills takes time and change rarely happens overnight. I love working closely with groups, teams, and organizations to achieve and maintain new levels of success. Private, multi-week skills groups providing members with ongoing education, accountability, and support can be scheduled on request.

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Workshops, trainings, and skills groups can be facilitated remotely by video conferencing or in-person following current CDC guidance for COVID-19.

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